英雄联盟 8.11 版本更新日志

  Patch 8.11 Notes




  血港鬼影 派克

  Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper joins the crew later in patch 8.11!

  派克 经典造型

  Sand Wraith 派克

  Sand Wraith 派克 (Catseye)

  Sand Wraith 派克 (Obsidian)

  Sand Wraith 派克 (Sapphire)

  Sand Wraith 派克 (Tanzanite)

  Sand Wraith 派克 (Rose Quartz)

  Sand Wraith 派克 (Turquoise)

  Sand Wraith 派克 (Pearl)

  冰晶凤凰 艾尼维亚

  Q cooldown decreased at early ranks. Q damage ratio increased.

  Patch 8.9’s mana changes hit Anivia harder than most mages, so we’re looking to give her some power back. Rather than return her previous level of waveclear, we’re looking to up her potential in fights.

  Q 寒冰闪耀

  冷却时间:12/11/10/9/8秒 → 10/9.5/9/8.5/8秒

  伤害加成:0.4法术强度 → 0.45法术强度(注意: 这个改动对触碰伤害和引爆伤害都生效)

  法外狂徒 格雷福斯

  Base attack damage decreased. R cooldown decreased at early ranks.

  The new emphasis on early jungle scrapping is pretty much Graves’ happy place, and it’s left other champions six feet under. Dialing back his early dueling and putting a longer window on his full combo should slow the snowball a bit.


  攻击力:69 → 66

  R 终极爆弹

  冷却时间:110/85/60秒 → 120/90/60秒

  虚空掠夺者 卡兹克

  R cooldown decreased at later ranks, but stealth duration decreased. Evolved R grants additional casts and stealth duration; no longer grants stealth or movement speed in brush.

  One thing every assassin needs is a way to dance in and out of a fight and safely put down damage. For Kha’Zix, that’s the stealth from Void Assault . The brush stealth on his evolved R is currently giving far too much of a different strength, though: the ability to sneak around the map relatively undetected. We’re removing that evolution bonus in favor of giving Kha’Zix more R casts—and longer stealth—when he’s upgraded his ultimate.

  R 虚空来袭

  冷却时间:100/90/80秒 → 100/85/70秒

  隐身时间:1.5秒 → 1.25秒

  进化后隐身时间:1.5秒 → 2秒

  进化后隐身次数:10秒内2次 → 10秒内3次


  永猎双子 千珏

  Mark respawn https://www.qwh168.com/ time decreased. First mark spawns earlier. Rift Scuttle assists now correctly collect marks.

  The increased importance of Scuttle Crab has made it harder for Kindred to gather marks.

  被动 千珏之印

  重新标记时间:50秒 → 40秒

  第一个印记出现时间:2:20 → 2:05


  诡术妖姬 乐芙兰

  LeBlanc can now queue up casts of W and RW (in either order).

  W 魔影迷踪

  一-二:乐芙兰现在可以将[W 魔影迷踪]和[R 魔影迷踪-故技重施版]插入施法序列

  盲僧 李青

  Energy restore on passive increased. Q, W, and E now apply cooldown reduction for the duration of their reactivation time.

  Recent changes to Warding Trinket have left Lee Sin with fewer playmaking opportunities. Making sure he benefits fully from cooldown reduction should give him more to do with his baseline kit, and we also want to make sure he has more access to the energy needed to do so.

  被动 疾风骤雨

  第一次攻击能量回复:20/25/30 → 20/30/40

  第二次攻击能量回复:10/12.5/15 → 10/15/20

  Q 天音波/回音击



  W 金钟罩/铁布衫



  E 天雷破/摧筋断骨



  幻翎 洛

  Q base heal decreased. E base shield decreased

  For a support with so much hard engage, the sustain Rakan brings to lane is a bit overbearing.

  Q 微光飞翎

  基础治疗量:22.5-150(于1-18级) → 18-120(于1-18级)

  E 轻舞成双

  基础护盾值:50/75/100/125/150 → 40/65/90/115/140

  岩雀 塔莉垭

  You’re probably just going to want to read this one.

  Taliyah has a lot of strengths that are great in pro play, and just okay elsewhere. A lot of that comes from Q’s waveclear, so the bulk of our mechanical changes focus on that ability (with tuning elsewhere). Taliyah will have to work harder to shove a wave and roam so that her opposing laner has more room to punish those roams. We’re also decreasing the terrain control she brings from her ultimate, as it’s bringing too much utility beyond just its roam strength.


  移动速度:325 → 340

  生命值:502 → 532

  被动 浮石冲

  最大移动速度:20-40% → 3https://www.qwh168.com/0-45%

  战斗状态冷却:5秒 → 2秒

  Q 石穿




  [移除]WORK IT:在掘石场内使用Q不再返还法力值

  [新增]WORK IT:在掘石场内,Q的法力消耗变为1

  冷却时间:11/9/7/5/3秒 → 9/7.5/6/4.5/3秒

  W 岩突

  冷却时间:16/15/14/13/12秒 → 12秒

  E 撒石阵

  布置与爆炸伤害:70/90/110/130/150 → 50/75/100/125/150


  R 墙幔

  墙体持续时间:6/7/8秒 → 5秒

  无畏战车 厄加特

  Collision radius decreased. Base attack speed increased. Passive damage to monsters increased early. R no longer roots Urgot while he is grinding a champion to death.

  We’re making Urgot a bit more fluid to play and stripping some of the anti-jungling tuning from his kit.


  碰撞半径:80 → 50

  基础攻击速度:0.595 → 0.625

  被动 回响烈焰

  对野怪最大伤害:5-365(于1-18级) → 60-360(于1-18级)

  W 净除

  [新增]THE OLD SURGE ‘N PURGE:现在,在使用其他技能时也可以使用

  R 超越死亡的恐惧

  [移除]TO-GO ORDER:斩杀一个敌人时,厄加特不再无法移动

  机械先驱 维克托

  Q discharge damage increased at later ranks. R damage ratio increased.

  Patch 8.9’s mana changes hit Viktor harder than most mages, so we’re looking to give him some power back by upping his damage when he commits to a fight.

  Q 虹吸能量

  普通攻击额外伤害:20/40/60/80/100 → 20/50/80/110/140

  R 混乱风暴

  每次放电伤害加成:0.6法术强度 → 0.7法术强度

  德邦总管 赵信

  Base attack damage growth decreased. E slow decreased.

  The scuttle changes increased the value of early fights, and Xin Zhao definitely excels in that world. Having a strong early game isn’t the problem, but being able to translate that so easily into a strong mid-game is concerning. We’re toning down his offensive scaling and his ability to stick to opponents and force them to fight him so he’ll have to work harder for that mid-game edge.


  攻击力成长属性:3.3 → 3

  E 无畏冲锋

  减速效果:50% → 30%

  荆棘之兴 婕拉

  E root duration increased.

  Zyra contributes slightly less in skirmishes than we’d like, but we’re definitely not comfortable increasing her already-high damage. Some extra crowd control should give her more of an impact in those small fights.

  E 缠绕之根

  禁锢时间:0.75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75秒 → 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2秒


  The dominant strategy in bot lane has, over time, become sustaining through lane phase and scaling up into teamfights. Between health regen and Fleet Footwork, it’s pretty hard to put the hurt on marksmen in a way they can’t just passively recover from.. This means aggressive bot laners ( whether early game bully marksmen or supports who want to poke or go all-in) feel like they have no home.

  Weakening marksman sustain (health regen here, Fleet Footwork below) means damage will stick on marksmen, making 2v2 fighting a more successful prospect for the stronger bot lane. Shifting some durability from armor into health should also let aggressive marksmen like Draven and Lucian shine a bit harder in the early game.

  Finally, we’re nerfing marksman base attack damage by 4 and pushing that damage into their growth stat, with the breakeven point around level 9. Though that might seem counterintuitive with our goals above, it means aggressive non-marksmen (ex. Leona, Brand) won’t be chipped down by marksman basic attacks as quickly—giving them more opportunities to secure presence in the lane.

  寒冰射手 艾希

  攻击力:65 → 61

  攻击力成长属性:2.26 → 2.96

  护甲:31 → 26

  生命值:527.72 → 539

  生命值成长属性:79 → 85

  生命回复:1.1 → 0.7

  皮城女警 凯特琳

  攻击力:62 → 58

  攻击力成长属性:2.18 → 2.88

  护甲:33 → 28

  生命值:475 → 481

  生命值成长属性:85 → 91

  生命回复:1.1 → 0.7

  荣耀行刑官 德莱文

  攻击力:64 → 60

  攻击力成长属性:2.91 → 3.61

  护甲:34 → 29

  生命值:557.76 → 574

  生命值成长属性:82 → 88

  生命回复:1.2 → 0.75

  探险家 伊泽瑞尔

  攻击力:64 → 60

  攻击力成长属性:2.41 → 3.11

  护甲:31 → 25

  生命值:484.4 → 491

  生命值成长属性:80 → 86

  生命回复:1.3 → 0.8

  戏命师 烬

  攻击力:61 → 57

  攻击力成长属性:4 → 4.7

  护甲:29 → 24

  生命值:540 → 556

  生命值成长属性:85 → 91

  生命回复:1.2 → 0.75

  暴走萝莉 金克丝

  攻击力:61 → 57

  攻击力成长属性:2.7 → 3.4

  护甲:32 → 28

  生命值:515 → 531

  生命值成长属性:8 → 88

  生命回复:1.2 → 0.75

  虚空之女 卡莎

  攻击力:63 → 59

  攻击力成长属性:1 → 1.7

  护甲:33.04 → 28

  生命值:554.4 → 571

  生命值成长属性:80 → 86

  生命回复:1.1 → 0.7

  复仇之矛 卡莉丝塔

  攻击力:66 → 62

  攻击力成长属性:2.9 → 3.6

  护甲:28 → 23

  生命值:517.76 → 534

  生命值成长属性:83 → 89

  生命回复:1.2 → 0.75

  深渊巨嘴 克格莫

  攻击力:65 → 61

  攻击力成长属性:2.41 → 3.11

  护甲:29 → 24

  生命值:517.76 → 534

  生命值成长属性:82 → 88

  生命回复:1.2 → 0.75

  圣枪游侠 卢锡安

  攻击力:65 → 61

  攻击力成长属性:2.41 → 3.11

  护甲:33 → 28

  生命值:554.4 → 571

  生命值成长属性:80 → 86

  生命回复:1.2 → 0.75

  赏金猎人 厄运小姐

  攻击力:54 → 50

  攻击力成长属性:2 → 2.7

  护甲:33 → 28

  生命值:530 → 541

  生命值成长属性:85 → 91

  生命回复:1.2 → 0.75

  战争女神 希维尔

  攻击力:65 → 61

  攻击力成长属性:2.41 → 3.11

  护甲:31 → 26

  生命值:515.76 → 532

  生命值成长属性:82 → 88

  生命回复:1 → 0.65

  麦林炮手 崔丝塔娜

  攻击力:65 → 61

  攻击力成长属性:2.41 → 3.11

  护甲:31 → 26

  生命值:542.76 → 559

  生命值成长属性:82 → 88

  生命回复:1.2 → 0.75

  瘟疫之源 图奇

  攻击力:63 → 59

  攻击力成长属性:2.41 → 3.11

  护甲:32 → 27

  生命值:525.08 → 542

  生命值成长属性:81 → 87

  生命回复:1.2 → 0.75

  惩戒之箭 韦鲁斯

  攻击力:63 → 59

  攻击力成长属性:2.41 → 3.11

  护甲:32 → 27

  生命值:537.76 → 549

  生命值成长属性:82 → 86

  生命回复:1.1 → 0.7

  暗夜猎手 薇恩

  攻击力:64 → 60

  攻击力成长属性:1.66 → 2.36

  护甲:28 → 23

  生命值:598.44 → 515

  生命值成长属性:83 → 89

  生命回复:1.1 → 0.7

  逆羽 霞

  攻击力:64 → 60

  攻击力成长属性:2.2 → 2.9

  护甲:33 → 28

  生命值:545 → 561

  生命值成长属性:80 → 86

  生命回复:1 → 0.6


  Base attack damage decreased. Bonus attack speed at level 1 increased.

  Compensation for the Machete changes last patch.

  无极剑圣 易

  攻击力:68 → 66


  永恒梦魇 魔腾

  攻击力:67.21 → 65


  皎月女神 戴安娜

  Diana is getting a similar compensation, but applied to her passive, rather than her base stats.

  月银之刃攻击速度加成:20/50/60/70/80/90%(于[E 月之降临]的技能等级为0/1/2/3/4/5时) → 30/50/60/70/80/90%(于[E 月之降临]的技能等级为0/1/2/3/4/5时)



  For upfront burst and lots of kiting.

  Marksman itemization is pretty focus on marksmen who want to stand still and basic attack. With Stormrazor, we’re introducing an item for marksmen with longer pauses between attacks, whether they’re kiting or just have long attack cooldowns (looking at you, Jhin).





  唯一被动——风之刃: 如果你在最少3秒(根据攻击速度而减少)内没有攻击, 你的下一次攻击会造成160%(每1.5%暴击率增加1%,最大200%)暴击伤害 并在1.75秒内增加10%移动速度


  Crit? Try more crit.

  We’re making Infinity Edge into a true scaling item for marksmen, one which amps up the power of critical strike but isn’t itself a critical strike item.


  总价格:3400金币 → 3700金币

  合成路线:暴风大剑+十字镐+灵巧披风+425金币 → 暴风大剑+暴风大剑+1100金币

  攻击力:70 → 80



  [新增]ONE CRIT TWO CRIT:使你的暴击率翻倍



  Ornn’s Masterwork upgrade. The cost and benefit of upgrading are both unchanged.

  总价格:4400金币 → 4700金币 (升级花费为1000金币,未改动)

  攻击力:100 → 110 (升级收益为+30,未改动)



  The ultimate power spike.

  Essence Reaver was intended to be the alternative late-game scaling item for marksmen who care more about spell casts. However, it turned out that once you had Essence Reaver, you also wanted Infinity Edge, and at that point, you also want a Zeal item, and at that point you might as well build up to 100% crit. The overall effect was a core build of 4 items that didn’t allow spellslinger marksmen much choice at all.

  We’re reshaping Essence Reaver around a new power spike, allowing spellcasting marksmen to double down on their spell-slinging fantasy and unleash their spells in a rapid barrage.

  总价格:3400金币 → 3200金币

  合成路线:暴风大剑+考菲尔德的战锤+灵巧披风+200金币 → 暴风大剑+考菲尔德的战锤+蓝水晶+450金币




  [新增]唯一被动:使用终极技能后,10秒内你的下一次普通攻击会为你提供8秒的精华闪耀状态, 获得30%攻击速度并使你的普通攻击减少基础技能20%的剩余冷却时间(冷却时间30秒)


  Bonus armor penetration shifted to total armor penetration (and decreased).

  The problem with an armor penetration item that only feels good against armor stackers is that most champs don’t feel good about getting it early to ensure their damage stays relevant as enemies build armor (they want to be killing squishy targets instead). But once tanks really armor up, damage dealers feel bad if they didn’t purchase Last Whisper earlier. We’re moving Last Whisper into a middle ground so it’ll still scale against tanks but feel like less of a dead-end against other squishies.

  护甲穿透:目标35%的额外护甲 → 目标10%的总护甲


  Attack damage decreased. Bonus armor penetration shifted to total armor penetration. Bonus damage against higher-health targets removed.

  Total armor penetration is stronger than bonus, meaning LDR scales better with itself. To to keep the focus on the armor penetration rather than raw damage output, we’re trimming some attack damage and pushing the price point higher.

  总价格:2600金币 → 2800金币


  攻击力:50 → 40


  护甲穿透:目标35%的额外护甲 → 目标35%的总护甲


  Lord Dominik’s was the only item that used this, so we’re retiring it.


  Attack damage decreased. Bonus armor penetration shifted to total armor penetration.

  Total armor penetration is stronger than bonus, meaning Mortal Reminder scales better with itself. To keep the focus on the armor penetration rather than raw damage output, we’re trimming some attack damage and pushing the price point higher.

  总价格:2600金币 → 2800金币

  攻击力:50 → 40

  护甲穿透:目标35%的额外护甲 → 目标25%的总护甲


  Average cost of critical strike increased.

  With Infinity Edge amplifying critical strike significantly, we’re pushing its price point up.


  总价格:400金币 → 600金币



  The Brawler’s Gloves changes pushed these two items too close together. A spiky glove feels more crit-like than a poncho, so we’re retiring Cloak of Agility.


  总价格:1200金币 → 1300金币

  暴击率:20% → 15%


  总价格:2600金币 → 2900金币

  合成路线:基舍艾斯碎片+狂热+600金币 → 基舍艾斯碎片+狂热+800金币


  总价格:2600金币 → 2900金币

  合成路线:基舍艾斯碎片+狂热+600金币 → 基舍艾斯碎片+狂热+800金币


  总价格:2600金币 → 2900金币

  合成路线:短剑+狂热+短剑+600金币 → 短剑+狂热+短剑+1000金币


  总价格:2600金币 → 2800金币

  合成路线:短剑+狂热+短剑+600金币 → 短剑+狂热+短剑+900金币


  Gold cost decreased

  Overall, the cost of marksman builds are up slightly, so we feel safe making lifesteal items cheaper.


  总价格:3400金币 → 3200金币


  总价格:3700金币 → 3500金币


  Magic resist increased. Base shield value increased. Shield no longer scales with bonus magic resist.

  Most champions who like Maw of Malmortius aren’t looking to stack resistances, so we’re tweaking its shield value to not scale with future magic resist accordingly.

  魔法抗性:45 → 50

  护盾值:300+100%额外魔法抗性 → 350


  Cost increased. Armor increased.

  We wanted to allow marksmen who face heavy physical damage to get a Chain Vest (rather than just Cloth Armor), knowing they’d eventually build it into something. Guardian Angel was a natural choice, even if it required a higher price point.

  总价格:2400金币 → 2800金币

  合成路线:暴风大剑+布甲+秒表+200金币 → 暴风大剑+锁子甲+ 秒表+100金币

  护甲:30 → 40


  Enhanced minions are highly resistant to magic and physical damage rather than entirely immune to magic damage only.

  Banner of Command has emerged as an item that can effectively pin a mid laner at their wave. With how much gameplay revolves around wave control and roaming, Banner of Command does too much to shut that play down entirely..




  [新增]HULK OUT:被晋升的小兵现在会在小地图表现为一个较大的小兵图标

  [新增]HULK SMASH:友军现在可以看到被晋升的小兵攻击造成伤害的浮动数字

  [已更新]S-BRUCE-D UP:提示文本已重写,以更准确的反映晋升的效果


  Movement speed decreased. Cost increased. Base mana regen added. Active cooldown increased.

  Shurelya’s Reverie has emerged as too reliable a rush on certain champions who want it for selfish reasons (rather than as a supportive, team-oriented purchase) Singed and Vladimir among them. We’re shifting the stat profile slightly to make it more attractive to supportive champions and slightly less compelling as a selfish buy.

  总价格:2100金币 → 2250金币

  合成路线:燃烧宝石+以太精魂+450金币 → 燃烧宝石+以太精魂+仙女护符+475金币

  移动速度:8% → 5%

  基础法力回复:0% → 100%

  主动效果冷却时间:60秒 → 90秒


  Now builds out of Fiendish Codex rather than Lost Chapter. Ability power increased.

  Lost Chapter is too expensive for a first component on junglers. Shifting Runic Echoes to build out of Fiendish Codex will give mage junglers an earlier power spike.

  合成路线:二级打野道具+遗失的章节+325金币 → 二级打野道具+恶魔法典+蓝水晶+375金币


  法术强度:60 → 80


  Fleet Footwork nerfs, a new Domination keystone, and two new minor runes!



  For more context, view the Marksman Stat Adjustment section. TL;DR, marksmen have access to a ton of sustain in the laning phase, which makes the choice between early and late game too tilted towards late game, and decreases the overall impact of laning decisions (like poke/bullying). Weakening the heal ranged champions get from Fleet Footwork should go a long way towards making trades feel more meaningful.

  加速:30% → 20%


  对小兵回复比例:60/30% (近战/远程) → 100/20% (近战/远程)

  治疗量法术强度加成:0.4法术强度 → 0.5法术强度



  One of the goals of runes is to give champions options about what tree they go into based on how they want to play. Domination is a tree about burst, which should make it appealing to some of the burstier marksmen, but there is no real keystone for them. Hail of Blades should help spell-based marksmen who want to lay down a swift chunk have a keystone to promote that playstyle.






  We’ve been looking into changing Ultimate Hat for awhile. As a rune based around a spike of power (a champion’s ultimate), it’s always felt like an exciting option for Domination. We’re bringing it in line with the Hunter paradigm and have created a replacement for Ultimate Hat below: Nimbus Cloak.





  Battle mages should feel good about a rune that helps them get (or stay) in a fight when they push their go button.









  Minion Dematerializer is offering too much wave control too early in the game.

  初始冷却时间:155秒 → 240秒



  Inhibitor and Nexus Turret health decreased. Inhibitor Turret health regen increased. Nexus and Inhibitor Turrets can now only regen health up to the next third.

  We want to give defenders something to feel good about when they do hold off a push on their base, while also giving sieging teams meaningful milestones other than just “tower destroyed.”

  水晶防御塔生命值:3600 → 3300

  枢纽防御塔生命值:3600 → 2700

  水晶防御塔生命回复:5点/5秒 → 15点/5秒



  More of turret reward gold is granted locally rather than globally.

  Similar to our bounty changes last patch, we’re looking to decrease the number of truly global objectives in our game and allow players who have a large impact to feel that impact more personally. Accordingly, inner turrets will now provide more of their gold locally and less globally.

  内防御塔金币奖励:175金币(平分给附近的英雄) → 300金币(平分给附近的英雄)

  全地图奖励:125金币(给每一位友方英雄) → 100金币(给每一位友方英雄)



  Attack speed decreased. Base corruption damage decreased. Special attacks no longer apply corruption

  Baron definitely does too much damage after Patch 8.10’s changes.

  男爵攻击速度:0.75 → 0.625

  基础腐败伤害:120 → 60

  腐败伤害加成:0.3总攻击力 → 0.2总攻击力



  Respawn time increased. Shrine duration increased.

  The action around Scuttle Crab is making for a good mini-objective, but it’s currently up too often, forcing too much of a jungler’s attention onto its continuous respawn. To compensate for fewer overall Scuttle Crabs, we’re pushing some experience back into the basic jungle camps (detailed just below).

  重生时间:135秒 → 150秒

  速度圣坛持续时间:75秒 → 90秒


  Experience slightly increased at later levels.

  Bumping a little bit of experience back into the jungle.

  石甲虫提供经验:247-388(于1-7级) → 247-411(于1-7级)

  暗影狼提供经验:115-180(于1-7级) → 115-190(于1-7级)

  深红锋喙鸟提供经验:115-181(于1-7级) → 115-190(于1-7级)

  魔沼蛙提供经验:115-180(于1-7级) → 115-190(于1-7级)







  可用英雄池: 英雄选择阶段,你可以交换被队友重选的英雄

  扩展每周免费英雄池 (三周内)

  游戏开始时基地的门 (类似召唤师峡谷)

  投降时间提早 (8:00提前发起, 12:00正常)

  英雄评价调整 (更容易拿到S)






  During the event, Battle Boost temporarily unlocks two skins instead of one.




  受影响的标记:此处有守卫、危险、 协助我、注意



  现在,奥瑞利安·索尔在使用[E 星流横溢]时将会被正确地击飞或击退


  瑞兹不再能用[E 法术涌动]和[Q 超负荷]的连击击杀[R 无尽怒火]生效时的泰达米尔



  亚索的[被动 浪客之道]现在会正确的生成护盾以阻挡萨科的[R 幻像]的分身所造成的伤害



  黑潮 戴安娜

  黑潮 弗拉基米尔


  黑潮 戴安娜(Pearl)

  黑潮 戴安娜(Ruby)

  黑潮 戴安娜(Obsidian)

  黑潮 戴安娜(Turquoise)

  黑潮 戴安娜(Sapphire)

  黑潮 弗拉基米尔(Pearl)

  黑潮 弗拉基米尔(Obsidian)

  黑潮 弗拉基米尔(Tanzanite)

  黑潮 弗拉基米尔(Emerald)

  黑潮 弗拉基米尔(Sandstone)